Try Leslie you'll like her!

My family have been clients of Leslie

for 12 years so when my Mom was rushed to the hospital for severe pain in her hands the first person we called after 

she was released was Leslie for advise.

 Mom is 85 years old and has 4 different forms of arthritis. She was given several pain pills but none of them brought relief. What the medicine did was cause her stomach to be upset and limit her from eating fresh vegetable and fruit

Leslie came to our home analyzed the situation and immediately started giving her hands and feet treatments. Her gentle voice, pleasant demeanor, professionalism & level of spirituality  was very reassuring to my Mom at her age. Her first treatment brought relief and after just 6 months our Mom was taken completely off arthritis medicine.

Our Mom passed away 2 years ago but I will never forget what Leslie did to bring comfort to our Mother. I am eternally grateful to her and wish her well. 

I would highly recommend her.

David J Pittsburgh, PA