Queen Gwyn

"The Goddess of Wellness"

Mobile Wellness formerly The Ultimate Beauty Spa is owned and operated by

 Queen Gwyn "The Goddess of Wellness.

Queen has been a prominent force in advocating for alternative healthcare for close to 30 years.

This Wellness Guru, is a Healer, Educator, Artist, Motivational Speaker, Wellness Coach, Writer, Former Model, Herbalist, Image Consultant and Event Coordinator. Queen has designed several healing accessories, created her own juice line, and  created her own skincare line all of which are for sale upon request.

While living in Pittsburgh, Queen ran several Wellness Spas and catered to a diverse group of people, on multiple levels. While occupying her sanctuary in the heart of Pittsburgh, she offered a variety of authentic healing treatments, workshops, seminars, wellness fairs, shopping extravaganzas, networking events, spa parties, couples retreats, self empowerment meetups and Ladies Night Out to name a few. Queen also had the privilege of serving as a Health & Wellness Consultant & Writer for The Soul Pitt.com and The Soul Pitt Quarterly, an Award Winning African American Website and Magazine that offered entrepreneurs & business owners an opportunity to market their business and promote events in a professional economical way.

Queen has also been featured in several local newspapers in recognition and adoration for her growth, ongoing service and commitment to the community in the field of Alternative Healthcare. She was also acknowledged for her wealth of knowledge and the implementation of authentic healing treatments she offered clients, coupled with organic products, wellness articles and events geared towards educating the community.

Queens was a mentor for youth & young adults with an interest in entrepreneurship. She sat on the Board of Cosmetology and Several Boards of Massage Therapy (one being Stanford Institute) and conducted workshops for girls involved in after school programs & The Girl Scouts of America..

 Queen's years of service in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area earned her recognition from several agencies. In 2014 Queen received," The Business Women First Award"  from The Pittsburgh Business Times and was a recognized as Most Likely to Succeed by MEC to name a few.


Queen is a Naturopathic Reiki Master, Authentic Thai Therapist, Image Consultant, Life Coach, Licensed Cosmetologist & Massage Therapist and Certified Wellness Coach Specializing in Nutrition and Detoxification.

She is very passionate at what she does. In the past Queen has treated male & female clients from as young as months old to the age of 97 with numerous health disparities such as :stress, hyper tension, high blood pressure, diabetes,fibromyalgia, neuropathy,arthritis, stiffness, chronic migraines and pain, limited range of motion and flexibility and much more...... 

Though Queen and her staff @ Mobile Wellness relocated to the Dallas, Texas area, she continues to offer authentic treatments, seminars, workshops, wellness parties & retreats throughout the Metroplex and travels internationally to honor the request of past & present clients wanting customized healing therapeutic service. 

In conclusion, Queen is avaliable for a free consultation for those with a desire to have a healthier mind & body and and need your spirits uplifted.  empowerment. Look for her recipe which will be coming out soon . Gift Certificates and wellness packages are available for yourself, friends and family. There is no better gift than health after all ,"Your Health Is Your Wealth".   

Queen's Favorite Slogans: "Your Health Is Your Wealth"  "Your Body Is Your Temple"  "You Can't Put A Price On Your Body. Love It, Care For It Invest. Be Good To It & It Will Be Good To You."